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Not your grandmother’s Carpaccio. Our Carpaccio style meatless slices are delicately aromatic and ideal on whole wheat bread or a charcuterie board. Add your favorite veggies for the perfect sandwich. The secret? They’re cured just like deli meat, yet made with sourdough culture and legume flour.


Salad with "Carpaccio Style", parmesan and arugola

A light and tasty dish that is ready in 5 minutes. Prepare the single ingredients. Start with the dressing: mix extra-virgin olive oil in a bowl with lemon juice and salt, using a whisk. Cut the parmesan into slivers. Then put “Carpaccio Style” on the serving dish and top it with rocket, parmesan and then season it with the mix of oil, lemon and salt.
Now it is ready to serve.