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Our Plant-based deli slices hold their own on charcuterie boards.

Plant-based deli meat is no longer a dream concept: it’s real. We’ve created a savory, rich, digestible alternative to animal-based deli that tastes great-Right out of the package and onto a platter, it performs wonderfully alongside traditional deli.

A taste from Italy

You don’t have to give up extraordinary taste to balance your need for protein. MIA Green Food offers a variety of choices straight from Italy to your table: a new XXI century approach that is healthy and enjoyable.

Our selection of products are crafted by Italian culinary experts delivering original and authentic meatless recipes with a unique Italian gourmet touch.   

Whether you follow a rigorous protein-based diet or simply look for a great meatless option, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Italian good taste.


sourced & made

Our products are made entirely from plants that are highly sustainable and renewable. This concept deserves a deeper explanation; in fact, according to the last studies available (fao.org) the constant upward trend of animal production for human consumption can potentially cause serious environmental concerns for our planet and future.  Adopting a meatless diet supports a dramatic improvement in the use of our natural resources, limits excessive CO2 gases and of course reduces the indirect ingestion of antibiotics, growth promoters and chemicals. This is why we are MIA GREEN FOOD


WE are excited to lead the way as innovators of plant-based products that rival the quality and flavor of meat that more and more consumers demand every day. Whether you follow a vegetarian lifestyle or just looking to decrease your meat intake, with MIA GREEN FOOD products you are in good hands. Now you can eat healthy and experience authentic Italian taste!


Plant-Based Deli Slices

Meat Alternative
Meat Free
Dairy Free
Low Fat

Source of fiber
Soy Free
No Trans Fat
Great Taste
No Saturated Fat
Cholesterol Free

Source of fiber
Source of protein
No Artificial Preservatives
No Peanuts
Plant Powered
No Artificial Colors