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Living plant. Living meatless deli.

Our meatless sliced deli products are high in protein, low in fat and carbs and are an essential source of plant based nutrients which a growing segment of consumers seek. Not only are they nutritious but taste great and can become a meaningful part of a regular diet.

Plant Based meatless deli has long been an uninspiring concept compared to “real” deli meats. We’ve set out to change that with fermented legume flour based deli products that are rich in flavor raising the bar on what consumers can expect from a meatless deli alternative.

We’ve tapped into centuries-old artisan meat curing experience and combined it with modern concepts in plant-based alternatives. The result? Culinary-worthy products that are set to disrupt the alt-meat category in new and exciting ways!

We’re not just about substitutes for deli meat; we’ve set out to do much more than that, by completely reinventing the meatless experience and making it a meaningful and earth friendly alternative.

Plant-based products are a lifestyle

Plant-based products are sourced from nature including vegetables, fruits, cereals, bean/legumes, nuts seeds and healthy fats like canola or olive oil. Welcome to a tasty, healthy, sustainable plant-based lifestyle. 


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