Today, meat substitutes are a mass-market product enjoyed by all, as are a wide variety of other foodstuffs. As Italians, we love food, the authenticity of raw materials and sharing all good things, especially around the table. This is why we work every day to provide solutions that combine taste and sustainability, not only for our consumers but also for the environment.

Our selection of products are crafted by Italian culinary know-how delivering original and authentic meatless recipes with a unique Italian gourmet touch.

Our Mission

Taste, flavor and texture are designed to meet the needs of our consumers with an eye on promoting a healthy lifestyle respecting both Italian culinary standards and a sustainable approach. Experience our authentic Italian taste!

Whether you follow a rigorous protein-based diet or simply look for a great meatless option, we believe you will be happy with the flavor of our Italian, plant-based meatless selections.